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Structure series of the drying machine
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1,The mysterious machine for self-circulating heat supply
Following the fluid mechanics principle, the ingeniously designed self-circulating heat supplying dryer combines the air suction, air conduction, air stirring, heat distribution, moisture exhausting and fume discharging in one unit.  
―The hot air is basically coming from the kiln recycled hot air outlet.
―The additional hot air is realized by suctioning the air from inside of the dryer and mixing it with the kiln recycled hot air. A burner is in standby to further supply heat to the mixed air when necessary.
―A cool air adjusting damper is in standby to supply cool air into the dryer when the internal air temperature is over the allowed level. 
―The mixed hot air is blown into the dryer and the humid and high density air is exhausted out of the dryer.
―The air temperature inside the dryer is automatically adjusted by the burner and cool air adjusting damper collaboratively.
―The burner is equipped with safety protection and failure alarming system.
2,The mysterious machine for temperature difference control
The unique dual-outlet blower delivers hot air separately to the alternately distributed bilateral air ducts and further to the densely arranged air diffusing pipes above and under the tiles. The alternately distributed air supply and air suction pipes and the densely arranged small sized air supply pipes enhance the air convection and agitation, and thus eliminate the temperature variationand inaccessible corners. 
3,The mysterious machine which is clog-free
The small sized air supply pipes are specially designed to avoid blockage and can be maintained by vibrating and cleaning regularly. It is not necessary to stop the dryer to clean the pipes and therefore the production loss is reduced. 
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