Energy Saving Technology
  • Compact design for the cover of dryer

    The air pipes are placed inside the lateral walls of dryer, thus less heat is lost and the energy-saving result is maintained. The multi-layer dryer scientifically, compactly and optimally utilizes the internal space of dryer to greatly reduce the quantity of external pipes, and to make the structure of dryer more compact. As a result, the appearance of dryer becomes more beautiful, while the efficiency of drying is improved.
  • Humanized technology

    The air diffuser pipes can be cleaned in the daily work. There are also emergency manholes on both sides of dryer at each module to allow the workers to enter the dryer for clearing broken tiles and rollers. There are also manholes on the top of dryer for the workers to get inside of the dryer to check the pipes and clear broken tiles, while other ordinary dryers can only be entered from the entrance or exit.
  • Intelligentization and informatization technology

    Thanks to the intelligentization, informatization and network technologies, which are able to reduce the labor intensity, process loss and to raise the management efficiency, thedryer becomes more user-friendly.
  • Structure series of the drying machine

    The mysterious machine for self-circulating heat supply Following the fluid mechanics principle, the ingeniously designed self-circulating heat supplying dryer combines the air suction, air conduction, air stirring, heat distribution, moisture exhausting and fume discharging in one unit.
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