Energy Saving Technology
  • DMA Movement Control System

    DMA is the system for roller broken alarm, motor chain broken alarm, non-driving side emergency stop control, can completely cover the full driving group, which is capable to reduce operator routing inspection error, so as to guarantee the safety production as much as possible.
  • DDS Driving System

    DDS is a latest driving system which is upgraded technology integration, including:
  • Tiles Movement Adjustment System

    Durable shaft, wearable gear and strengthen roller guarantee the tiles movement. As the width of kiln get wider (more than 3000mm), we design special shape roller in some specific position to adjust the tiles movement automatically, making the possibility production for super wide kiln W3850mm.
  • KPS Kiln Wall Protection System

    KPS is a system that protect the kiln wall by installing burner inspection kit on burners to prevent kiln wall.
  • Automatic Gap Management System

    Automatic Gap Management System will be valid when kiln gap happen caused by machinery fault or press mould change so as reduces the production and quality loss.
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