Energy Saving Technology
  • Energy Management System

    This system is not only for temperature and air pressure monitoring, but also integrate a series sensor, PLC, control computer and driving system, calculate the unit fuel consumption of tiles by the amount of tiles loading & unloading, air consumption. When there is an abnormal situation observed, this system will inform the operator and provide adjustment reference to make full use of the fuel.
  • SPR Combustion System

    The system is used to heat up the combustion air by the rapid cooling air, in the way of indirect heating. The temperature of the combustion air will reach 250 C Celsius degrees after heat-up. The total fuel consumption will be reduced by the use of this system.
  • Accurate Gas Control technology/SGM

    Kiln gap is a common situation during the production and it wastes a great amount of fuel. We have already notice this problem and find out the method to solve it. When there is an kiln gap, the signal of tile body sensor will be conveyed to the combustion air valve and gas valve, then lower the air flow and gas flow to maintain the set burning curve and temperature, so as to maximize the fuel saving as well as power saving for fan.
  • KHI Updated Insulation System

    KHI is a kiln insulation system for a further energy saving. The system efficiently can reduce 3-5% energy consumption.
  • DHR Heat Recovery system

    With the smart pipeline design and controlling system, the combustion air will be heated up to the temperature according to the requirement from the exhausted cooling air which was supposed to discharge directly.
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